My jewellery is designed to be worn, but each piece will be very grateful for a little tender loving care. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you keep your jewellery in tip top condition.

When not being worn keep your jewellery in a box to prevent unnecessary tarnishing to silver and reduce scratching or damage to materials.

Anodised Aluminium
The hand-printed aluminium is beautifully light-weight and surprisingly hard wearing.  The print is sealed beneath the surface of the anodised aluminium, making it an integral part of the material.  Colours will not rub off through wear but, like other metals, will scratch if treated roughly.

To clean dirt from the surface of the metal use a damp soft cloth with a little mild detergent.

Clean brushed silver using a brillo pad, taking great care not to damage other materials.
Oxidised silver has been chemically treated to develop a dark surface finish.  Do not use silver dip or a polishing cloth as this will remove the oxidised surface. Over time the darkened silver will buff in raised areas and this will add to the character of the piece.

Polymer Clay
To clean dirt from the surface use a damp soft cloth with a little mild detergent.